The ScoopGods Press Excuse



Are you a company or person who wants press, but you don’t have any good reason to do a press release?  Why not try out our ScoopGods Press Excuse service?

What the heck is that?  Well, it’s easy.  We write a humorous and satirical review of your business and post it on our site as a Scoop.  We’ll make sure to put in your website link and all that good SEO stuff and then you can spend your time showing everyone the great and goofy story about your business.  (We promise not to be mean.)

Oh! And we’ll be pushing your story out to all of our different fans around the world.  We’re starting to think there’s a spark between you and the ScoopGods!

What an innovative way to advertise, don’t you think?

What does it cost?  Email us at scoopgods <>, and we’ll fill you in with the details.

We’ll bet you want to see some real-life examples?  We knew you would.  Check these out:

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