The fact that you clicked About Us makes you a bit of a stalker.  But we’re a team of beefy dudes that could kick some ass… after a good 6 – 12 months of intense training.

We are also Gods.  We know what’s really going on out there.  We reveal the truth on so many things and at the same time, we bullshit like a boy without parents.  Take your time to check us out daily, and if you don’t, we’ll have lightening strike a loved one.

The ScoopGods

Chico Jameson (aka ScoopC) – He is the leader of the ScoopGods.  He is friends to all animals, real or make-believe.  He can float in mid air and can turn himself invisible.  He uses this godly skill to interfere with field goals most of the time.  He can appreciate the talents of the untalented and He believes that you should learn to make taffy.  He enjoys tacos.  He believes in a life of pure fun.

Oggy Herman (aka DGod) – He is the instigator… the god who makes other gods do things that they shouldn’t do.  Oggy loves cats and this gives Him the ability to eat Tender Vittles with a calm, refreshing demeanor.  Oggy has an innate ability to notice a Scoop that others would never have seen.  His articles require that you be a cleansed soul before reading… and by that, Oggy requests that you instigate a bowel movement before you read His stuff.

KampScoop – Although being omnipotent,  He doesn’t yet know that He is participating in the ScoopGod crusade.  How messed up is that? He pretends that he wants nothing to do with it, but we know that as he makes love to his wife, he thinks of the ScoopGods and only that.

The Crusade
As your ScoopGods, we are determined to push our influence around the world and possibly the universe. Whether you breath, smile, laugh, cry or sneeze, we’ll be there to get the scoop.  The news you get today is missing  the core message.  The ScoopGods will get to that core, chew it up and leave you with a collection of words that will be worthy of all the gold in China.
Need Some of Our Creative Powers?  Email us at scoopgods [at] gmail [dot] com